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Patient Cost Estimator

Decatur Morgan Hospital provides price estimates for a wide range of common medical services. This estimate will be a good-faith attempt to let you know what your portion of the cost for the service selected will be. We do this by determining an average service bundle from the historical billing of the service. The resulting estimate may not match your final bill exactly. Your final bill will depend on actual services and procedures performed as determined by your doctors. For assistance in completing the web form, please review the FAQs below the price estimate form below.

You have the option to contact us at (256) 801-6280 for an estimate.

Please gather the following information before starting your estimate process:

  • Type of procedure being performed (Diagnostic Test, Radiology, Surgery, Women’s Services)
  • Procedure name (Knee X-ray, chest CT, hip replacement, colonoscopy, etc.)
  • Insurance information (if you have insurance), including company, member ID/policy number and group number